Are you coming? Better save the date. The special guests are off the chain. From ten in the morning until ten at night, you can do a little or a lot … Carolyn Taylor from Baroness Von Sketch Show is coming to speak on the Panel at 1pm. Join us! More registration news as it comes …

Jan Caruana: Improv Song (A)  10am – 1pm

REGISTER  $60 (three spots left)

A cursory overview of song structure and exercises on building a song. There will be group exercises, culminating in solo songs at the end.
Jan is joined by the accomplished musical director Ayaka Kinugawa


Jan Caruana: Improv Song (B) 2-5pm

REGISTER  $60 (five spots left)

This workshop is designed to allow students to practice improv songs with musical accompaniment feedback provided afterward.
A continuation of Improv Song (A), or the participants have taken a similar course and want intensive practical work with improv singing.
Jan is joined by the accomplished musical director Ayaka Kinugawa


Herbie Barnes: Intro to Improv 3-5pm

REGISTER  $15 (five spots left)

This workshop is a good intro to improvisation or a great refresher if you want to re-build your confidence. Herbie Barnes brings his generous teaching spirit and professional acting skills to bear.
A great way to spend the afternoon with laughter and insight into the art form as well with one of the best. Lower price to entice you if you’re having a hard time pressing the button … 


Lisa Merchant: Yes-anding the @!#*! out of your scene 3-5pm 


In this workshop, Lisa Merchant will help you Yes-and the @!#*! out of your choices. Improv experience required.


Improv Panel: Should Everyone Improvise? 5-6pm 
Geri Hall (Moderator)


People are talking about improv all the time – on the radio, on television, in the news, at work. It seems like improv is everywhere. Major talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Jimmy Fallon, had extensive improv training. Writers and producers like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey had extensive improv training. Even in the business world, corporations are sending their staff to improv sessions to develop their “soft skills” like flexible thinking, teamwork and leadership styles. And in the world of medicine, psychiatrists prescribe improv for patients with anxiety, depression and anger management. Our panellists discuss the influence improvisation has had on their careers, and their understanding of what’s behind the explosion of improv.

Ten til Ten: A Celebration of Improvisation with Oakville Improv 


Special Guests include: Herbie Barnes (Cottagers and Indians, Monkey Toast, National Arts Centre) Natasha Bromfield (Downsizing, Killjoys, The Amazing Gayl Pile), Garry Campbell (Writer/Creator/Producer Carter, Producer Kim’s Convenience,  Mad TV), Jan Caruana (Because News, Sunnyside, Mean Girls) David Healey, James Jeffers (Bad Dog Theatre, Oakville’s Own Superhero) Jane Luk (Kim’s Convenience, Deus Ex, Northern Rescue), Lisa Merchant (Monkey Toast, Second City, American Gods, Murdoch Mysteries), Paloma Nuñez (Second City: She the People, Spotlight, Baroness Von Sketch Show), Janet Van de Graaff (Second City, History Bites, Drowsy Chaperone, Rick Mercer Report, Air Farce), Gary Pearson (Sunnyside, 22 Minutes, Mad TV, Corner Gas), Christine Pillman (Oakville’s Own Superhero, Heisterical, Nightmare on Kerr Street), David Raitt (Second City), Kevin Whalen (Second City, Baroness Von Sketch Show, Bad Roommate),