Welcome to the Oakville Improv Theatre Company

Oakville Improv is a theatre company based in Oakville, Ontario. We focus on improvised comedy – that’s where dialogue is invented on the spot, often from audience suggestions. Our focus is local, but we welcome audiences from all over the world. We also welcome performers of all levels, from curious first-timers to professional actors. Join us!

LIVE! and Unmuted October 19th 8pm

Join us online for a long form jam with our most experienced improvisers using audience suggestions to inspire their scenes and characters. You can come to the Zoom room if you request a link OR...

LIVE! and Unmuted October 5th 8pm!

Join us Tuesday night for our long form style jam with special guest, Lisa Merchant! Request a zoom link to participate OR watch the live stream on YouTube


The Beginner classes for OITC are registered through the Town Of Oakville on their recreation and culture programming page. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

NEW* Wednesday Night Drop Ins (online)

Things have changed a bit. Our Monday night drop in has changed times to Wednesdays from 6-7pm. If you want to join us and are not currently on our online drop in list, register or ask us questions...

Kids Classes – TWO STREAMS!

We're trying to provide two streams of classes this fall for both Kids and Adults. Check out the offerings that start mid October, just after Thanksgiving. It should give everyone time to work out...

Recent Shows

While theatres have been shuttered, we’ve been improvising online on Zoom. Here are a few recent offerings. And if you still can’t get enough, check out our Online Shows page.

Mine, Mine, All Mine (28 September 2021)
The Klondike in 1897 – it’s improv comedy gold. 

LIVE! And Unmuted (21 September 2021)
Zoom improv based on audience suggestions.

Electric Improv (17 September 2021)
Improv comedy from our Teen Company.

Maestro #65 (16 September 2021)
Our improvisers compete against performers around the world

Mission: Mars (6 July 2021)
We send up SF Horror on Zoom. “In space, no one can hear you when you’re muted”

Maestro #64 (19 August 2021)
Which of these nine performers will be Maestro? There can be only one.

QEPCCC in Oakville, the home of Oakville Improv’s office, classes, and several of our performance spaces. 

Scripted Shows

As our company name suggests, most of our work is improvised, but we create some scripted work too. The Bigger Bang is a comedy science-fiction podcast (audio only) about a group of people escaping the next Big Bang. 
The show has its own website here

Improv Classes

We offer in-person classes here in Oakville (with the usual Covid precautions). We also offer online classes, which are open to students worldwide. Give it a try!

Adult Classes
Town of Oakville Cultural Grant Recipient
Oakville Improv would like to thank the Town of Oakville, through the Oakville Arts Council for their generous and continued operational and creative support. We couldn’t do it without you.
Sponsored by Film.ca Cinemas
We appreciate the support of Film.ca, an ongoing supporter of Oakville Improv shows.



Oakville Improv works with ArtHouse delivering top quality improv classes to students with barriers to access.

We perform Theatresports with the permission of the International Theatresports Institute. 

Maestro is performed with express permission of the International Theatresports Institute.