October 14th

The celebration of Culture Days is happening all over Oakville (we're a HUB!) and continues on October 14th at QEPCCC, 2302 Bridge Road. Our bulding neighbours, CCAH will be doing a Steel Pan presentation, Bandology is there, too. Oakville Improv will have a drop in...

October 13th

Our regular Theatresports show is on Friday October 13th. Join us as we explore the format created by Keith Johnstone, and played in over 110 theatre companies across the world. Starring: Paul Alexander, Diana Barbosa, Natasha Bromfield, Jeremy Butler, Bradley Ellis,...

October 2nd

Monday night Drop-in and Show are ON tonight (October 2nd, 2023). Everything starts at 7pm. Please join us. Although some services in the Town are closed for the observance of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, QEPCCC is STILL OPEN.  We would, however, send...

September 24th

Great turn out at the Book Launch for David Raitt's The Improv Illusionist. Love that we had our improv family from Oakville Improv Theatre Company, from students to vets and friends from Second City -- as well as David's own family and friends. What a fun celebration...

September 17th

The Moonshine Comedy Jam is CHANGED to September 17th just for this month. Hope you can join us. Please don't forget to RESERVE YOUR SEATS. We have sold out consistently this year so people have come disappointed that they're not able to squeeze in. Call 905-844-2655...

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Recent Online Shows

LIVE! and Unmuted (7 June 2022)
A jam on zoom with our Oakville Improvisers

Maestro (2 November 2021)
A jam on zoom with our Oakville Improvisers

Say Yule Be Mine (14 December 2021)
An improvised romantic comedy for the holidays

Mine, Mine, All Mine (28 September 2021)
The Klondike in 1897 – it’s improv comedy gold.

LIVE! And Unmuted (21 September 2021)
Zoom improv based on audience suggestions.

Electric Improv (17 September 2021)
Improv comedy from our Teen Company.

Maestro #65 (16 September 2021)
Our improvisers compete against performers around the world

Mission: Mars (6 July 2021)
We send up SF Horror on Zoom. “In space, no one can hear you when you’re muted”

Maestro #64 (19 August 2021)
Which of these nine performers will be Maestro? There can be only one.

Improv Classes

Adult Classes
Both in-person and online classes are available. No previous experience required! 

Town of Oakville Cultural Grant Recipient
Oakville Improv would like to thank the Town of Oakville, through the Oakville Arts Council for their generous and continued operational and creative support. We couldn’t do it without you.
Sponsored by Film.ca Cinemas
We appreciate the support of Film.ca, an ongoing supporter of Oakville Improv shows.



Oakville Improv works with ArtHouse delivering top quality improv classes to students with barriers to access.

We perform Theatresports with the permission of the International Theatresports Institute. 

Maestro is performed with express permission of the International Theatresports Institute.