July 28th

The Moonshine Cafe hosts Oakville Improv's MOONSHINE COMEDY JAM once a month on the last Sunday of the month. We've sold out every month for the last 18 months, folks. JOIN US EARLY by buying your tickets on Eventbrite HERE. Love to see you out. Support local. And...

July 22nd

We're still on for Monday night Drop Ins and the Monday Night Show. Drop ins are every Monday except holidays (like the first Monday in August) and they run from 7-8pm. There is no registration needed -- just "drop in". Come and check it out. If you're nervous, you...

July 12, 2024

Theatresports is HAPPENING, this Friday July 12th at 8pm in the Black Box Theatre (QEPCCC, 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville. L6L 2G6). You can now get tickets three ways! Cash or credit at the door, or order in advance on Eventbrite!  Starring: Bob Kapur, Charlie Muhleisen,...

July 9th

Hey Folks, so sorry, but Hurricane Beryl hit our server pretty hard so there were (and may yet be) outages that include this website! It's back up for now, but please excuse the issues that may continue due to the unfortunate weather conditions and consequences.

July 1st

NO MONDAY DROP-INS ON JULY 1st! The building is closed because it's a community centre so we are not open. Please enjoy the long weekend!  

Welcome to Oakville Improv Theatre Company. Just click to see upcoming eventsonline shows, or to enroll in our classes. See you soon!

Recent Online Shows

LIVE! and Unmuted (7 June 2022)
A jam on zoom with our Oakville Improvisers

Maestro (2 November 2021)
A jam on zoom with our Oakville Improvisers

Say Yule Be Mine (14 December 2021)
An improvised romantic comedy for the holidays

Mine, Mine, All Mine (28 September 2021)
The Klondike in 1897 – it’s improv comedy gold.

LIVE! And Unmuted (21 September 2021)
Zoom improv based on audience suggestions.

Electric Improv (17 September 2021)
Improv comedy from our Teen Company.

Maestro #65 (16 September 2021)
Our improvisers compete against performers around the world

Mission: Mars (6 July 2021)
We send up SF Horror on Zoom. “In space, no one can hear you when you’re muted”

Maestro #64 (19 August 2021)
Which of these nine performers will be Maestro? There can be only one.

Improv Classes

Adult Classes
Both in-person and online classes are available. No previous experience required! 

Oakville Improv would like to thank the Town of

Oakville, through the Oakville Arts Council

for their generous and continued operational and

creative support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Sponsored by Film.ca Cinemas
We appreciate the support of Film.ca, an ongoing supporter of Oakville Improv shows.



Oakville Improv works with ArtHouse delivering top quality improv classes to students with barriers to access.

We perform Theatresports with the permission of the International Theatresports Institute. 

Maestro is performed with express permission of the International Theatresports Institute.