Youth Classes

Improv can be wonderful for kids. It can be a great outlet for creative energy. It can also help a shy child feel more comfortable in their own skin. And it’s just plain fun. We offer both online and in-person classes.


Covid Cancellations and Postponements

CANCELLED: All classes booked through through the Town of Oakville are cancelled for this session.
POSTPONED: Our Adult Performance Classes, Kids/Teens Classes and “in person” drop-in classes are postponed until at least February.
We are still offering online classes. Schedules for these classes are unchanged.

If you need further information about any of our programs and continued online shows, you can call or text us at 416-230-5967, or email us HERE. 


Our Online classes run for 60 minutes (drop-ins) to  90 minutes (for session classes). We use Zoom to connect. Of course, there are some technical requirements – each student should be well lit and have a suitable internet connection. The speakers and microphone on the computer may work adequately, but we find that a headphones and a mic do improve quality, and make the classes more fun.


Online Drop-ins

Wednesdays (Free) 4:30-5:30pm

At Oakville Improv, we offer a range of improv workshops. To dip your toes, you may want to visit our “drop-in” class on Wednesday afternoons.

This class is free but if you register we can make sure the curriculum fits the number of people attending.

Teens JAM. Online Sundays 8pm. FREE.

This is open to our more experienced performers.
If you have experience improvising and would like to join us let us know!
If you don’t have experience but would like to try ALSO LET US KNOW! 

Are you having financial difficulties because of the lockdown. Let us know. Bursaries are available unconditionally.

Email us if you have any questions!


We are cautiously restarting in-person classes. But there’s still a pandemic going on, and we take the health of our students seriously. Class sizes are smaller than they used to be. Masks are required. “Ventilation breaks” will occur twice during the class. And yes, that does make it more difficult to teach some things, but we think it’s worth it to improve safety.

Proof of vaccination and symptom screening is already necessary to enter QEPCCC for those students aged 12 to 17. In 2022, we request that eligible students between the ages of 8 and 11 are vaccinated for the safety of the entire class. This is not regular school, but a workshop where students are speaking and laughing together in the same space. COVID is an airborne virus, and it still poses risk. We now know that vaccination and proper masking lowers that risk considerably. 

QEPCCC also has a designated isolation room for anyone that is showing symptoms of COVID 19 and we will abide by the Town’s detailed measures to protect the facility we work in by removing a student who is symptomatic and alert their parents immediately. Preparing well for any situation makes protective actions less stressful.

If a class must be cancelled because of a lockdown, we will refund your money, or give you the option to shift to an equivalent online class (if numbers allow and students prefer).

KIDS CLASS (8-12yrs)

Participants in the Kids Class will learn the fundamentals of improv with an emphasis on accepting other people’s ideas. Exercises are designed to build spontaneity, teamwork, and storytelling skills. Students will create their own characters on stage and gain the self-confidence to show off their newfound acting talents. This type of acting class is valuable for beginners and a good refresher for those young actors who need to brush up on their spontaneity skills.

QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville L6L 3L5
January 24th 4-6pm
$245 CDN 10 Sessions 
CAP 8 Students.

YOUTH CLASS (11-13 yrs)

Participants in the Youth Class will learn the fundamentals of improv. We put a special emphasis on failure resilience, communication and presentation skills.

QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville L6L 3L5
Starting January 29th 10-12pm
$245 CDN 10 Sessions
CAP 8 students

TEEN CLASS (13-17yrs – High School)

The Teen Class is for students new to improv, as well as those with previous acting experience outside Oakville Improv. The workshop introduces actors to the fundamentals of storytelling. Exercises are designed to build spontaneity, teamwork, and storytelling skills. Students will will improve their abilities both to accept the ideas of others, and to come up with creative and funny ideas of their own. They will create their own characters on stage and gain the self-confidence to show off their new found acting talents!

QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road
Saturday 1-3pm Starting January 15th
$245 CDN 10 Sessions
CAP 8 students

ADVANCED TEEN CLASS (13-17yrs – High School)

This class is for students with at least two improv courses behind them and the intention to develop and challenge their performance techniques as well as heightening their improv practice.

QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road
Saturday 3:30-5:30pm Starting January 15th
$245 CDN 10 Sessions
CAP 8 students

“(my daughter) certainly came away with more confidence and excitement than other extracurricular activities we have tried.  This transferred into her regular school work as well … her sheer enthusiasm every week for Improv speaks volumes about the leadership within the classes.”

What Can Improv Do for Kids?

Our workshops use basic improvisation techniques to help kids be engaged, get focused, and learn valuable presentation and acting techniques to get them talking to other kids, as well as learning to think on their feet with confidence.

Anxiety and stress is a huge problem for many kids these days. Some feel pressure to be perfect, looking for validation and success, and may be paralyzed at the idea of taking a creative chance in case it doesn’t pay off. With improv, they’ll discover a refreshingly different kind of experience. It’s a setting where “mistakes” are half the fun. Improvisers laugh at themselves. In this positive environment, failure quickly loses its sting, and that gives kids the confidence to make bolder and more imaginative choices. Just as sports like soccer, football and hockey build the body, improv strengthens the imagination and develops a person’s emotional resilience.

But improv is also great for kids who are already outgoing. The natural “class clowns” find an outlet for their quick wit. And the kids who love being the centre of attention enjoy the many opportunities for stage time, develop their skills to more professional levels, and learn how to shine their light on others.

Instead of interacting with video games and smart phones, they’ll deal with people face to face, enjoying theatre games that encourage authentic play, laughter and personal interaction between kids.

Each of our workshop sessions ends with a casual and fun onstage showcase for an audience of friends and family. This is not an obligation, but most kids – even those who thought they’d be too afraid – usually end up choosing to take part. (During COVID 19 restrictions, showcases are temporarily postponed until we can provide enough space for parents and friends safely).

It’s so much fun to hear people laughing, it’s addictive, and kids come back, again and again. Even the shy ones.

(My daughter’s) confidence now shines at school. She was a little reserved and shy, but not anymore … she tells it how it is and more! Her sense of humour has also developed into a fun and interesting characteristic we are all enjoying at home.

Parent, Fall Session, 2012

Instant Holiday (December 2019) Youth Cast

If you would like to learn more before you register, contact Amy McKenzie –