Online Shows

Covid closed the theatres, so we’ve been busy doing what we can, performing online, on Zoom and YouTube. Check out some of our more recent online improv shows.

As we build up our in person shows again, please check our running calendar on the home page or “upcoming” menu for details. Stay safe everyone, it’s not over yet …

The Actually Something Else Show

Each show is handed to a guest director, who creates a Zoom show in their favourite genre, using the cast of their choice. 

Mine, Mine, All Mine (28 September 2021)
The Klondike 1897. Everybody wants what’s coming to them: A bold young woman ready to stake her claim, a ne’er do well, a preacher, a fancy lady and a gunslinger …
Starring: Ashley Armstrong, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Lisa Gachet and Rob Williams

Days of the Bold and the Restless (20 July 2021)
Starring: Jeremy Butler, Monica Dunne, Lisa Gachet, James Jeffers, Bob Kapur, Christine Pillman and David Raitt. Directed by Natasha Bromfield.

Weatherdome!  (3 August 2021)
James Jeffers directs this tribute to weather disaster flicks. Starring: Natasha Bromfield, Jeremy Butler, Christine Pillman, Taelum Vergara and David Raitt. Musical Director: Rob Williams

Mission: Mars (6 July 2021)
Ashley Armstrong, Bradley Ellis, Natalie Hoban, Bob Kapur and Christine Pillman. Director: David Raitt. Musical Director: Rob Williams

Live and Unmuted

In Live and Unmuted, we take audience suggestions to perform scenes on Zoom. There’ll be laughs aplenty… along with a lot of wigs and greenscreen backdrops!

LIVE! And Unmuted (21 September 2021)
Improv on Zoom based on audience suggestions. Starring: Natasha Bromfield, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, David Ellis and Christine Pillman. Rob Williams as Musical Director.

LIVE! And Unmuted (7 September 2021)
Improv on Zoom based on audience suggestions. Starring: Natasha Bromfield, Bradley Ellis, Lisa Gachet, Christine Pillman, David Raitt Musical Director Rob Williams.

LIVE! And Unmuted (24 August 2021)
Starring: Ashley Armstrong, Lisa Gachet, Christine Pillman and David Raitt Musical Director: Rob Williams.

Electric Improv

We’re very proud of our younger performers. In Electric Improv, a rotating cast of our Teen Company play an improv set on Zoom for our Oakville Improv audience.

Electric Improv (17 September 2021)
Host, Sofia Muhleisen, with Marco Rosella, Lily Mutton, Aidan Chen and Alex Comay.

Electric Improv (13 August 2021)
Our teen cast perform improvised scenes in an “La Ronde” format. Starring: Alex Comay, Jack Humby, Aidan Chen, Marco Rosella, Lily Mutton, Taelum Vergara, Noah Grittani. 

Electric Improv (30 July 2021)
A jam set with Oakville Improv’s Teen company. Starring: Aidan Chen, Alex Comay, Noah Grittani, Jack Humby, Sofia Muhleisen, Lily Mutton, Marco Rosella and Taelum Vergara. Musical Director: Rob Williams.


In each show, a group of improvisers compete for survival – in the end there can be only one! The home audience scores each scene, and the lowest scoring players are removed from the game.

You can see more Maestro episodes here.

Maestro #65 (16 September 2021)
Hosts: Amy McKenzie and Velvet Wells
Bradley, Lynnae, Neal, Lisa, Catherine, Pali, Tiffany, Christine, Terri, Dave

Maestro #64 (19 August 2021)
Players: Lynnae Dudley, Rob Williams, Ashley Armstrong, Christine Pillman, Monica Dunne, Dave Ellis, Taelum Vergara, Noah Grittani

Maestro #63 (15 July 2021)
Players Lisa Gachet, David Ellis, Natalie Hoban, Velvet Wells, Noah Grittani, Ashley Armstrong, Christine Pillman, Taelum Vergara, Natasha Bromfield

Maestro #62 (24 June 2021)
Starring: Ashley Armstrong, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Dave Ellis, Noah Grittani, Natalie Hoban, Bob Kapur, Jane Luk, Taelum Vergara, Rob Williams. MC: Amy McKenzie. Score: Luisa Muhleisen

Maestro #61 (3 June 2021)
Hosts: Amy McKenzie, Naz Polonka
Players: Natalie Hoban, Lynnae Dudley, Ashley Armstrong, Dave Ellis, Rob Williams, Bradley Ellis, Syed Hasan, Taelum Vergara
Music Improviser:   Rob Williams