You're invited to our Twelfth Anniversary Workshops and Shows (Online) - March 12-13th, 2021

Thanks to all our fans, supporters, and company members for a great 12 years, and here's to many more!

Maestro March 4th is our 46th

Yes. You can come. Just request a zoom link. It’s free for you and yours but you have to be “on the list”. JOIN US! There can be ONLY ONE MAESTRO! 8pm ET Thursday March 4th.

Musical Improv with the Velvet Duke

THE VELVET DUKE IS PROVIDING TWO WORKSHOPS FROM HIS “VARIATIONS ON A THEME” SERIES FOR OITC’S ANNIVERSARY (Morning/Afternoon) Start Singing Before You’re Ready (March 13, 10am-12noon EST)Level: Anxious improvisers or complete beginners This two-hour introductory workshop will help you transform from being anxious about performing musically on stage into someone who is comfortable being part of …

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The Bigger Bang Podcast

Hey Fans, if you’ve been following the antics of the crew of the Flibberdigibbet, as they race to save the Universe, the next episode is out now. You can hear it HERE or Apple or Spotify if you’re a podcast junkie.

LIVE! and Unmuted Feb 23rd

HEY FANS! Guess who’s coming tonight – guess? JAMES JEFFERS, that’s who, and LEA WILKENING. Both long time members and performers for Oakville Improv but who have both been on “leave” for a time, so we’re so excited to have them playing with us again. JOIN US at 8pm EST Feb 23rd on Zoom. For …

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Maestro #43! Feb 11th

TWO special guests this week! Leslie Johnson from Dad’s Garage in Atlanta, and Siddharth Venkatesh from Improv Comedy Bangalore. Both join us in our effort to join hands across the pandemic (virtually!). Maestro is Keith Johnstone’s improv format that allows the audience to score each scene and allows the elimination of the performers as the …

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Leslie’s Coming BACK!

LIVE and Unmuted has a special guest returning. Leslie Johnson from Dad’s Garage in Atlanta, Georgia, USA is coming to join our regular cast of Natasha Bromfield, David Raitt, Christine Pillman, Bob Kapur, Jeremy Butler and James Jeffers. All on February 9th. A jam session to warm your insides. Get the unique link HERE! Free …

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DONATE if you’re able

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been offering free drop ins for kids and adults as well as free shows. From the end of March we’ve been playing Maestro weekly for audiences here and abroad online, and from April an expert jam with our best players every other week on Tuesdays. All this, free to whoever needs …

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