Adult Classes

Our improv classes are a great way to be creative, have fun, and make friends.

You don’t need any previous experience. Most of our participants don’t have a performing background. They’re often smart, creative people looking for an outlet. Improv workshops provide a gentle and enjoyable way to develop powerful performance skills, which have applications beyond the stage – for example, in the workplace or when doing public speaking?

However, if you ARE an aspiring or professional actor, you’ll find that improv gives you a set of skills that will raise your performance to a higher level, both in live shows and auditions. 

We offer both online and in-person classes. You can read more about both below.

Kevin Kruglow and Troy Daniels at The Moonshine Cafe, 2012

Jeremy Butler, Shann McGrail and Kim Beaune, Theatresports 2015

Andrew Zanella, Bob Kapur and Sam Hancock in our QEP Theatresports show 2016


The Covid Thing… We’re cautiously restarting some in-person classes, but there’s still a pandemic going on, and we take the health of our students seriously. Participants should be fully vaccinated and symptom screened prior to entry to QEPCCC.  A break for ventilation will be taken between classes. Oh, and masks should still be worn. But actors have been doing that since Ancient Greece. We’re trying very hard to accomodate. Please stay home if you’re symptomatic. More news when we have it …

The Weekly Drop-In

In person “drop ins” are on again. Monday nights from 7-8pm for EVERYONE at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The class is free, but if you can make a small donation (we suggest $5), it helps us cover the costs of the room rental – if not, we’ve got your back. If you want more info mail for more information. You no longer need to register but we are encouraging masking in the classroom until the spikes are over. You can check in to make sure the class has not been cancelled if you are coming from a distance.

AT 8:30 we welcome you to stay for a workshop style show after the drop in. You can be our audience for the night.

Adult Intro to Improv (18yrs and up)

This level is great for beginning improvisers, as well as being an enjoyable refresher for those improvisers who have had previous improv or acting experience. The workshops will cover a number of improv games and exercises and offer opportunities for students to perform for family and friends. All very low stress and fun. This class is registered through the Town of Oakville on their recreation and culture site. The registration link will also connect you to their page. All registration policies, bursaries, and refunds for this one course are through The Town Of Oakville.

The classes are scheduled from March 28th and 30th on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 7-9:30pm for 8 sessions (ending on May 16th or 18th respectively). We follow KN95 or N95 masking when PH mandates determine a risk.

Registration available for viewing (on the town site) and avaiable for Oakville Residents (first served) on March 1st at 7am. Search for Adult Programs, Theatre Arts, Improv with Oakville Improv. If you live outside the municipality, the Town will add a surcharge of $10 and you be able to register starting on March 1st, 2023

Adult Performance TUESDAYS (18yrs and up)


After finishing our Intro Class students must have permission to move forward to our “in person” Performance Class. This level is more challenging and will prepare students for improv performance.

Starts March 28th, 2023 through to May 16th from 7-9:30pm (eight classes).

REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE on March 4th. You need permission to take this class.
Bursaries are available without condition.

Adult Performance THURSDAYS (18yrs and up)



After finishing our Intro Class students must have permission to move forward to our “in person” Performance Class. This level is more challenging and will prepare students for improv performance.

Starts March 30th every Thursday through to May 18th from 7-9:30pm (eight classes).

REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE on March 4th. You need permission to take this class.
Bursaries are available without condition.

Improv Illusions (18yrs and up) OFFERED FALL 2022


PRE-REQUISITE: ADULT PERFORMANCE (or Workshop Director’s Permission)
Give your audiences a SHOW by creating improvised worlds they can see! In this workshop, we’ll increase your skill with Physical Improv (including environment and object work) and explore how you can use it to make discoveries, handle tricky situations, and find more play. We’ll also discuss important topics for the working improviser, including safety (physical and emotional), and learning from your experiences.

Starts September 29th, everything Thursday through November 24th 7-9:30 EXCLUDING NOVEMBER 10th.

Bursaries are available without condition.


We use Zoom to connect. Of course, there are some technical requirements – each student should be well lit and have a suitable internet connection. The speakers and microphone on the computer may work adequately, but we find that a headphones and a mic do improve quality, and make the classes more fun.

CULTURE DAYS! One more thing to celebrate!

Hey Folks. We’re doing one more event for Culture Days 2023 with an online workshop for everyone (including families). If you’d like to try it, please register in advance and get your special link for that one afternoon. See you then!

The Weekly ONLINE Drop-In

Adults, Wednesday Nights (free) 6-7 pm.

Get a feel for improvisation – and Oakville Improv – with our Drop-In classes. Register here first, then drop on by. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Adult ONLINE Intro to Improv (18yrs and up)

This online class is a safe space for beginners and improvisers who want a quick refresher. 6 classes 1 and half hours only. High Speed Internet, Headphones/mic recommended (You can request more information)
If you want to be on our waiting list, please email us!

Bursaries are available without condition, just ask.

Brennan Moro in The Nuts and Crackers Suite 2015

Terri Skov and Colin Mochrie at an “away workshop” in Durham 2015

Kathy Greenwood (Whose Line and Second City) and Ed Sahely (Second City) join Gary Pearson at The Moonshine Cafe 2017

From time to time, Oakville Improv Theatre Company offers courses from professionals in formats and platforms that connect directly to improvisation comedy. If you have permission, you can take one of the courses offered here.

Gary Pearson’s Page to Stage
May 1st to June 26th
(Seven Classes) with two breaks.
3:30 – 6pm


This class is for sketch writers looking for a chance to level up under the mentorship of a professional comedy writer. Using various styles and formats, Gary makes the class fun and productive, with in-class exercises and games. All this to inspire students to find their own voice and get it out there, in a formal read-through on stage in front of an audience. (Students will be required to do writing outside the in-class sessions).

Gary Pearson is a multiple award-winning comedy writer who has worked on shows such as Mad TV (FOX), 22 Minutes (CBC), Corner Gas (CTV), The Ron James Show (CBC), and was showrunner/head writer for That’s So Weird! (YTV) and co-showrunner for the critically acclaimed Sunnyside (CITY-TV).  Gary has written thousands of sketches and has years of teaching experience with both improvisation and sketch comedy.


Gary Pearson’s “Sketchworld II”

MAY 1st to June 26th
(Seven Classes) with two breaks.

12:30 – 3pm


In this sequel to Sketchworld I, Gary will focus on producing a full show with the student writers with a final performance of the sketches on stage.



If In-Person classes are cancelled prior to start date due to lockdown or public health restrictions regarding numbers or criteria, OITC will refund the full amount (except for Adult Intro Classes booked through the Town of Oakville, which will be refunded through the Town). If In-Person classes are cancelled during the session, we will refund you for the classes you missed. If possible OITC may be able to shift some classes online for students if numbers allow.

Refunds are not made for anyone opting out of class unless it’s for medical reasons. Bursaries are available, unconditionally – just ask.