Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”

Adult classes


JANUARY IN-PERSON CLASSES are cancelled through the Town of Oakville at QEPCCC, so we are offering classes online again for the Winter session. Improv/action/singing are all high risk activities for spreading the virus. We look forward to the time we can participate in person again. 

Monday Night (free) Drop-ins For Adults: 8:30pm ONLINE


At Oakville Improv, we offer a range of improv workshops. To dip your toes, you may want to visit our “drop-in” class on Monday nights. Our intro class will give you a more comprehensive introduction to what improv is all about. If you like it, you can build your skills in our higher level workshops, and even team up with other improvisers to perform in one of our many improvised stage productions. FIRST DROP IN OF 2021 Jan 11th. 


Adult Intro (18yrs and up) ONLINE


This class is a safe space for beginners and improvisers who want a quick refresher. 6 classes 1 and half hours only. 
Start Tuesday January 12th – March 2nd (Fee $150). Cap of 10. 


Adult Performance (18yrs and up)  ONLINE


SCENE, SCENE, SCENE (Teacher: Duncan McKenzie)

ONE SPOT OPEN. Waiting list for second class available 

Improv scene performance, critical evaluation and the chance to approach the scene again. Emphasis on performing on zoom and audio-only platforms. This is an intermediate/advanced class. Permission of Workshop Director needed – tech required: High Speed Internet, Headphones/mic recommended (You can request more information)
Cap of 10.
8 classes 1 and a half hours only. ($160 including HST) Sundays 4-5:30pm EST
Starting January 10th, 2021. 

Duncan McKenzie has been involved with improv for more than 30 years and he has produced, written and directed both professional radio and TV live action and animated series. His credits include That’s So Weird, the award-winning History Bites and Train 48, Canada’s first improvised dramatic television series. 

Gary Pearson’s Sketch World ONLINE  (see Advanced/Specialty Classes)


Class Descriptions


Adult Intro
This level is great for beginning improvisers, as well as being an enjoyable refresher for those improvisers who have had previous improv or acting experience. The workshops will cover a number of improv games and exercises and offer opportunities for students to perform for family and friends. All very low stress and fun. These classes are currently being held through the Town of Oakville at the QEPCCC (Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre – we like to call it “The Q”, but strangely, no one else does). You can register there through their on-line program connection Fall, Winter and Spring. In the summer, classes are scheduled through Oakville Improv. Schedules are listed below.

Andrew Zanella, Bob Kapur and Sam Hancock in our QEP Theatresports show 2016

Adult Performance 
These classes are for people who want more challenging material after beginners and may wish to join us on stage. Participants may be asked to play in demonstration rounds in venues across Oakville, to raise their skill level. 

Adult Advanced and Specialty Classes
Intended for those who have wider improv experience and are committed to working with a team. This workshop series explores more advanced scene work, as well as more challenging improv games. In addition to the final showcase, improvisers may be invited to perform at one or more local venues with more experienced players (eg. Theatresports) 

Terri Skov and Colin Mochrie at an “away workshop” in Durham 2015


Lea Wilkening and Brennan Moro in The Nuts and Crackers Suite 2015


Jeremy Butler, Shann McGrail and Kim Beaune, Theatresports 2015


Kevin Kruglow and Troy Daniels at The Moonshine Cafe, 2012

Kathy Greenwood (Who’s Line and Second City) and Ed Sahely (Second City) join Gary Pearson at The Moonshine Cafe 2017[/captio


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