Special Correspondent Bob Kapur:

It was another wild night at the Bubble tournament this past Monday.

In the first half of the show, the number four ranked Chick Pees challenged the number one team, Coarse Whisperers in an exhibition match. The Whisperers drew first blood, winning Round One with a 3-way Dubbing scene that showed that true love knows no bounds – even a dingy basement meth lab. But the Chick Pees rented a car and drove it right into Rob Ford to even things up. In the third round, the challengers served up a platter of KD, spit, and ketchup that proved extremely tasty to the audience who rewarded them with a stunning upset win.

In the second half, the villainous Klan Rally defended their number six spot against the fresh-faced Systematic Roundhouse Kick. In a Dr. Seuss inspired game, the Klan stumbled and fumbled, but failed to be humbled in Round One. But SRK bounced back in a guessing challenge, and their first date with Snooki proved to be more exciting than a phone booth full of goats. The third round was a nail-biter, but the old-school crowd preferred a Renaissance-era duel over a space-aged pizza party, allowing the Klan Rally to tenuously hold on to their spot.

NEXT MATCH: July 14th, 2014 Central 340 Rebecca Street 8pm PWYC