Despite a fumbled two-man advance, Oakville’s Turvil of Shulman evened up the final score of Friday’s match to 20-20 against Hamilton’s Push to Open. The solid physicality of Shulman was no match for the secret Hell Judge signal, which brought down the lights, and the Oakville team in the first round of scoring. Host Cliff Murphy tried desperately to buoy up the morale of the Oakville team, but in the end, it was Skov’s “New Choice” calling, that pulled the team out of it’s early slump. Push To Open finished with a giant Jack in the Beanstalk reduction which boggled the time keeper, at 1 and three quarter seconds, and had the audience yelling for more – of which there would be none. In the second half, Gary Pearson’s Fan Club was again, short of players, but came in by a point against Herbie Barnes and Dave Healey as “No Garys Allowed”. Team Captain Pearson credits his belief in himself and an incredibly gullible and sympathetic audience for his success. Two scenes with audience participation heated up the stage and almost laid Pearson out with a martial arts injury as an audience member in full gear used his “best back kick move” with Pearson’s encouragement. “Simon” showed off his fine improv technique by Marshalling the Old West in a shoot out even Clint Eastwood would be proud of. The match ended with a “hairy” poison Shakespeare scene involving both teams. Next battle – June 14th, 2013 at QE Park.