UPDATE AUGUST 23rd, 2021. We are working together with the Town of Oakville and QEP (Community and Cultural Centre) to bring back some "in person" classes to adults and children at the end of September, beginning of October. We will have our first "Drop In" in person on October 18th, in our regular "Music Room 1". Stay tuned for details and ... changes. EVERYTHING IS FLUID - including sneezes, so be careful out there! Mask up and vax up for the love of your fellow humans.

May 21st Maestro. EXCLUSIVE …

How exclusive? We’re doing private Maestro’s until we end up streaming our shows. So far audience response has been amazing. Each little technical detail makes the show more rewarding. And we get to connect with YOU! So if you’re interested in an exclusive invitation to the show, and you’d like to watch tonight at 8pm (May 21st, 2020), then please email amymkz@gmail.com for a special FREE Zoom invite. We’re protecting the security of the show so we can make a safe space for everyone. Come and have a blast with our cast of James Jeffers, Christine Pillman, Bob Kapur, Catherine Henry, Carolyn Endacott, Luisa Muhleisen, Sam Hancock, Nastazja Palonka, Lisa Gachet and Kimberly Beaune. Music by Rob Williams and Score/Hosting by Bradley Ellis. Directed by Amy McKenzie

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