AS OF MARCH 12th this show is going forward. Stay tuned for more information. Low rates of infection in our local area and no international performers attending mean we are at low risk. However, we do ask that you abide by the current WHO protocols and keep your hands washed frequently, avoid handshakes for safety, and do not come to the event if you are sick, have contact with someone who is sick or travelling or have travelled yourself to any of the affected areas.

THE FINALS HAVE ARRIVED. And so will the cupcakes. In an effort to keep up tradition, we’ll have a birthday cupcake with our improv. Join the winning teams in a celebratory cake from SWEET BAKERY AND TEA HOUSE (in Bronte), with Hilary Hart as our musical improviser and so many many of our special friends. The Black Box Theatre, 8pm, March 13th, 2020. 2302 Bridge Road. Oakville. L6L 3L5. $5! You can’t find a better comedy deal anywhere.