Check out our Moonshine Comedy Jam on July 29th. Our special guests are Paul Bates, Nug Nahrgang and Lee Smart – the creators and performers of ILLUSIONOID.

A bi-weekly improvised comedy podcast in the style of old-time radio shows like Inner Sanctum or X Minus One, Illusionoid is performed by Paul Bates (CTV’s Dan For Mayor, Second City), Lee Smart (Comedy Network’s 5th Quadrant, Second City) and Nug Nahrgang (Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back, SyFy’s Scare Tactics).

In the distant future, humanity has its last stand against the tyrant computer ILLUSIONOID. A lone survivor sends messages backwards through time in hopes that he can provide a warning of the danger to come. Will you heed his warnings? Open your ears and hone your senses, for without immediate action, none can escape the future that is ILLUSIONOID.

It all begins at 7:30pm with our Oakville Improvisers. $5 Cover charge. A COOOOOOL beverage awaits … See you at 137 Kerr Street at the Moonshine Cafe.