Stay tuned here for any updates if you’re not on our mailing list. As of Thursday March 12th, our Anniversary show (Theatresports March 13th) and our Ten Til Ten event will go forward. These events have less than forty – fifty people attending, locally, and our risk is low. However, if you are sick, if you have been in contact with anyone travelling from the affected areas or have travelled yourself from the affected areas, please stay home. We ask for the sake of our vulnerable populations that you consider not only yourself, but others. The biggest risk is that the spike in numbers will mean that our health system cannot deal with the influx of a large number of cases at once and those who are compromised may be unable to get service. Wash hands, don’t shake or hug, and be well. UPDATES AS WE HEAR THEM! STAY TUNED! We take this virus information very seriously.