The results for the first qualifying round:RESULTS Bubble Tournament* Qualifying Round: A neck and neck nail-biter between Coarse Whisperers and Kill the Messenger. Coarse Whisperers maintained the lead with strong rhyming couplets and character switch, but just when it looked like it was all over for Kill the Messenger, Sadavoy chatted up a magic tree in a brilliant scene that pulled the team to victory.
In the second half, Monster Cuddle used Pillars to open, brazenly appealing to the audience’s need for stage time, but Those Meddling Kids threw out a strong Question Period to counter. Monster Cuddle’s Arms Expert went wide as a teaching scene but came back with a One-Voice cat scene that played to all their verbal strength, catching sound offers and hanging on. Tenacious Team Owner and General Manager The Weather Network’s Scott Meiklejohn could not keep himself off the playing field. Those Meddling Kids did a pitch perfect He Said/She Said, but fumbled an Interrogation set-up. Even so, they couldn’t lose their initial lead, winning the match 28-25.
The qualifying round continues next Monday night at 8pm. *Bubble Tournament, every Monday night (except holidays) at 8pm 340 Rebecca Street, Oakville (CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH AUDITORIUM).