Improvisation is a form of theatre where performers invent their dialogue and story as they go. It has been used on such TV shows as Whose Line Is It Anyway (which includes many classic games used for improv training), and in films like This Is Spinal Tap. Improv is highly collaborative – doing it well involves listening carefully to others and responding instantly and intuitively to each new development.

The founders of Oakville Improv have each been involved in improvisation for more than 30 years, using improv in numerous live shows, as well as in the development of  scripted comedy and drama, including the TV series Train 48 (CanWest/Global), Corner Gas, History Bites, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, That’s So Weird, and MADtv. Our workshops offer the highest standard training in improvisation, taught by professionals in the field. Oakville Improv is also committed to developing and promoting improvisation as an art form, working on new styles of performance


  • Do you have kids who need something to do? Our kids and teen classes provide an outlet for all that creative energy.
  • Maybe you’re an aspiring or professional actor. You’ll find that improv gives you a set of skills that will raise your performance to a higher level, both in live shows and auditions, and can help you make industry connections.
  • Do you feel like you need to build your confidence in the workplace, or in public speaking? Improv workshops provide a gentle and enjoyable way to develop powerful performance skills.
  • Are you looking after kids all day and feeling like your IQ is slowly draining away? Improv will give you a refreshing brain boost.
  • Are you an artistic person looking to sharpen your ability to think creatively. Improv seems to have that effect for many creative types.
  • Are you looking to meet new friends? Improv workshops are a great way to meet people with a playful attitude and a sense of humour.
  • Or maybe you just want to have fun. That’s what we do best. Come on down!

Want to join us? Come see one of our shows, or sign up for our classes, or just drop us a line to chat.
photography: Duncan McKenzie, Marina McKenzie, S.L. Brodie-Keys

Thanks to our generous sponsors for their support: The Town of Oakville through the Oakville Arts Council, Advanced H.E.P.A., and Devreve. We also thank Business for the Arts for selecting us for the artsVest program in our region and providing matching funds to our business partners.



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