Dateline Oakville August 11th: An upset as World Crime League topples the previously impervious Monster Cuddle. With injuries and illness on both teams, there was no predicting the outcome of the match between WCL and MC. Captain Jeremy Butler was hobbled by babysitting issues and team owner Scott Meiklejohn was unable to rally his student team to more than two players. Shann McGrail pulled in veteran Craig Rintoul and freshly baked Christine Pillman to make the team numbers uneven, and Chris Chaisson used every relationship trick in his improv bag to try to win over judge Amy McKenzie, but in the end, a faulty “last line” for MC, clinched it for WCL, and they won 19-16.

In the alternate match, Gary Pearson Fan Club forfeited, claiming television work (although we have yet to have proof of a name or network), so GLIC played an exhibition round with newly minted Bubble Tea Party (Isaac Luy, Shane Smyth, Justin Martins and Noha) The match was a squeaker with GLIC pulling out all the stops, including pinch-hitter Adam Ward as Director, and an Actor’s Nightmare that scored quite high. After a tie-game of 22-22, Bubble Tea Party won in a minute time challenge. GLIC continues to get better and better, which leads us to believe there may be biased judging.

NEXT MATCH: August 18th. Systematic Roundhouse Kick against The Bokers and Mickey Gale vs Midwife Crisis. 8pm PWYC.