RESULTS from Friday’s Theatresports™: First half Flying Spaghetti Brothers squeaked by over Lost Boys with a final score of 9-8, despite the Hail Mary perfect score of 5 on the “Scene Three Ways” with Lost Boys singing their girlie hearts out.
SECOND HALF CHAOS ensued as both teams flouted boundaries, jumping in to every scene, until guest judge Geri Hall brought them in line with some well-timed punitive scoring. “The Cup’s” Moira Dunphy slayed it in the missing Casablanca scene but Pearson failed to embody Bogart. “The Team Formerly Known as The Team’s” Herbie Barnes exhibited his trademark over-the-top characters, managing to avoid significant injuries in the process and Carson Gale pulled out all the stops on his Emo boy band tribute but failed to top the Cup’s final score of 14 to 8.

Appearance by Gary Pearson as Captain Kirk: 1 (maintaining his over all season average).
Next month’s match: October 19th. BE THERE!