We're starting to stream on YouTube (Oakville Improv Theatre Company). Join us for live shows and recordings you miss. We're just starting to upload shows from the past year ... HEY! Stay safe!


Oakville Improv’s main event at the Black Box Theatre (2302 Bridge Road). This week our Tournament winners World Crime League (Shann McGrail, Jeremy Butler, Terri Skov) take on a new menace, with Oakville Improv’s finest: David Raitt, Lea Wilkening and Chris Chaisson. In the second half we welcome guests Jane Luk (Kim’s Convenience), James Gangl (Sex Religion and Other Hang-ups) and possibly the great Moira Dunphy from Second City (you heard it here first!). And more special guests from around the GTA. All scored by Waylen Miki. 8pm $5. Come out for the laughs, be wowed by the stories – all written on the spot, with your input.

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