UPDATE Sept 22nd, 2021. As of this day, The Town of Oakville will require that all partipants coming to QEPCCC will have to have proof of vaccination. See oakville.ca This will apply to all Oakville Improv Theatre Company classes occuring at the Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre. EVERYTHING IS FLUID - including sneezes, so be careful out there! Mask up and vax up for the love of your fellow humans.


Two teams of improvisers, two matches, scores, music and lots of laughs. $5/person. Come and see what we’re on about … Special Guest: Garry Campbell. Starring Gary Pearson, Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Monica Dunne, Diana Barbosa, Bradley Ellis and Jennifer Silvestro. And debuts by Taelum Vergara, Madeline Van Meeteren and Paige Woodcock.

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