Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”


Join us! The next round of Theatresports happens Friday June 10th at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road 8pm. Special Guests: Lisa Merchant and Gary Pearson!

Here are the final scores from the Spring Tournament:

Christine Pillman 107
Jennifer Martin-Silvestro 69
Bob Kapur 43
Rochelle Gunn 42
Sam Hancock 30
Paul Muhleisen 29
Andrew Zanella 28
Amy L.E. McKenzie 22
Terri Skov 18
Lorne J. Fortune 18
Monica Dunne 16
Peter Cianfarani 15
Lea Andry Wilkening 13
Simon Caverly 13
Catherine Henry 12
Lynnae Dudley 11
Jeremy Butler 10
Natasha Bromfield 7
Ashley Armstrong 7
Miriam Ben Belfadhel 6
Michell Wong 6
Robin Sadavoy 6
Lachina McKenzie 5
Ari Shapero 5
Iryna Mcc 2
Pam Robertson Cooper 2
Mathew Hamilton 1
Shann McGrail 1
Patrick Mihalcea 1

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