May 5th’s show saw two more upsets, with challengers winning against the defending teams. In the first half, audience favourite, The Bokers lost their third position to the youngest team on the block, Those Meddling Kids. The Boker’s laissez-faire, observational style was no match for the Kids’ mature character reactions. Even heavy fan support, and blatant use of clever family volunteers couldn’t sustain a botched pillars introduction. The Kids’ coup de grace was a Question Period with two bunnies in a Magician’s hat, coming to terms with identities. The Kids took the match 14=12.5

In the second half, Mickey Gale squeaked past the Monster Cuddle in a frustrating match pitting team owner against players. Scott Meiklejohn, Weather Network mogul and Monster Cuddle owner pulled a Hail Mary, drawing from APHS alumni, overwhelmed Monster Cuddle with sheer numbers. One scene saw the entire Mickey Gale team huddled on stage in silent agony, but even then, they were able to pull forward with a tanning bed scene that nobody could argue with. Despite excellent ask-fors and a brilliant mountaineering hook disengagement, Monster Cuddle lost their ranking and Mickey Gale advances to 10th place with a 11.5-11 victory.

NEXT ROUND: Monday May 12, 2014 at Central. 340 Rebecca Street. Oakville. 8pm. PWYC. (REAR DOORS).