Come to the Black Box Theatre at the QEPCCC (2302 Bridge Road) to check out our latest edition of Theatresports™. This month, check out our new Junior Teams: Lick this Board and the Wild Ducks as they make their debut on the Black Box stage and perform their first demonstration game! As well, Oakville players Bob Sybydlo, Jeremy Butler, Sue Illes, Shann McGrail, Maya Mohan and Chad Baker ramp up the competition in feisty exhibition round. In the second half our guests will be Moist Theatre (Carson Gale, Colin Murphy and Cliff Murphy – fresh from the shows in Toronto and Hamilton) square off against veterans Jerry Schafer (Muckraker, Little Mosque, Red Green), Sam Agro (the Canadian Space Opera) and Erin Rogers. This all takes place at 8pm. $5 at the door. See you there!