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TEN til TEN March 14th, 2020

UPDATE: CANCELLED. We’re doing our part to stem the tide of the infection. Please do yours. We’re sad that all of our wonderful teachers, performers and participants can’t help us celebrate but we’re doing our best in interesting times to keep our vulnerable populations safe by “flattening the curve”. Take care everyone and BE WELL.



Panel Discussion - You: Unlimited 1-2pm

As part of our day of improv, You: Unlimited is a panel about the creative process and struggles that emerge while developing your own artistic voice and vision. Join three producer/writers as they expose their process, share their frustrations and explore their artistic journey to success in Canadian entertainment.

Panelists: Carolyn Taylor (Baroness Von Sketch Show), Nigel Downer (Bit Playas), Nelu Handa (Working Moms, Yas Kween).
Moderator: Natasha Bromfield (Downsizing, Spinning Out, Nurses).

Workshops 10am-4:30pm

1 hr workshops to glean a cool and crystallized idea, then bop on over to another class. Or take the same class again if you want and learn more. Mix and match — do as many as four workshops during the day! Also, if you’re a newbie and you just want to try improv, we’ll have a place for you and a teacher for you … for free. Come to the four intro/open workshops A, B, C, D and just drop in at the beginning of each. You don’t need to register for the day. And those are open to EVERYONE.

Each specialty class below is $20, but an All Day Pass ($80) includes four of your favourite workshops, the panel, and the show. The classes are in chronological order by time:
A: 10-11am
B: 11:15-12:15pm
C: 2:15-3:15pm
D: 3:30-4:30pm

Only register for individual classes if you are NOT getting an all day pass. More classes coming!

Genre Hospital

with Gary Pearson (Second City, Sunnyside, 22 Minutes, Corner Gas, Mad TV)

Time to get your genre work in for a check up. Freshen up your improv skills by learning different ways to tell your stories. Contemporary genres will be explored that will help your improv with different styles audiences love. What makes genre fun and interesting? How is a love story different in a slasher movie and a western — how are they the same? Come for the genre, stay for the invasive surgery! 

Solo Scenes

with Nigel Downer (Second City, Bit Playas)

Just you and the audience. (Only 1 morning class)


with Jack Mosshammer (Second City, American Gods)

“Don’t Think” has long been one of the most enigmatic concepts of improvisation. On stage we panic, we cheat and we second guess. Come and explore the neurological and zen concepts of what parts of your brain you and the audience are using, when to use your brain box and when to shut it off and how to better hone and trust your instincts.





Brick by Brick

with Lisa Merchant (3x Canadian Comedy Award-Winner, Murdoch Mysteries, American Gods)

The “stop and smell the roses” approach to improv! (Only 2 afternoon classes)

Character Generator

with Jane Luk (Spinning Out, Anne with an E, Kim's Convenience)

We’re going to make you a somebody …  (Only 2 afternoon Classes)

Ten Til Ten: The Show - 8pm

A fully improvised jam starring improv veterans, Oakville players, tournament winners, and Second City Alumni from around the GTA.

STARRING: Jack Mosshammer, James Jeffers, Carmine Lucarelli, Jane Luk, Gary Pearson, Natasha Bromfield, Anand Rajaram, Lisa Merchant, Christine Pillman, and more!

Town of Oakville Cultural Grant Recipient