Dateline: Oakville. September 19th Theatersports™. (Game 3) Flashers of Genius came in strong, narrowly missing a zero card for their “Forward/Reverse” but it was The Real Knee Slappers that knocked them to the Loser’s bracket in this double elimination round, with RKS’s commitment to pirates and strategic use of teenage emotion. The audience was palpable. In the second match (Game 4), The Ghost of Hallowe’en Past Present and Future slayed the audience with their use of Comay to their ‘third man’ spot, but it wasn’t enough to nudge out But, And whose reponse to their sci-fi scene actually used science fiction within the scene. The Tournament continues on October 14th in the Black Box Theatre, at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road at 8pm! BE THERE,