Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”

Semi-Final Round BEGINS!

Monday night, March 23rd, join Oakville Improv at Central Baptist Church, 340 Rebecca Street (REAR DOORS) at 8pm (PWYC) for our first night of the Theatresports™ semi-finals. Our 16 teams have been whittled down to 8. The teams who win on March 23rd and March 30th move to the QEP stage for the grand finale on April 10th. TEAMS PLAYING: Coarse Whisperers vs Tough Nuts and World Crime League vs Bokers Wild. Our guest head judge: Jack Mosshammer (Second City, Monkey Toast, Train 48) and Host Jennifer Silvestro. Sound Improviser: Craig Rintoul.


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