Dateline Oakville: Current champs, Kill the Messenger squeak past Coarse Whisperers in what Coarse fans are calling a mis-calibration of the score board. Audience Response Score Evaluator, Lachlan McKenzie, defends the science behind the system. “This machine is extremely sensitive. If the audience is loud, it responds and is accurate 19 times out of 20”. Improviser Jan Caruana agrees. “It’s science, folks”. KTM’s offerings included an actor’s nightmare, a eye-watering Look, Look away and CW came out of the gate with a strong Oscar Moment and an even stronger Talk/Don’t Talk. In the end, it was the time challenge tie-breaker that kept KTM’s placement in the overall Tournament Rankings.

In the second half, Oakville Hilarity Club’s, Captain Kerry Griffin took the first challenge with some deft hugging of audience members, and the host. OHC pulled out Godwin’s Law in their first scene, proving that Hitler indeed had a heart, and was only invading countries to impress Eva Braun. Pearson, who’s broken leg has cost him two shows, came in with several chair-bound assists, but it was Kerry Griffin’s gun handling and parachuting that took the scene. In response, “Jokeville People Are People So Why Should It Be That You And I Get Along So Awfully Inc” used their highly-skilled mime techniques to poke fun of seniors, but a change of heart, led the vengeful peanut-butter questing son to remove the demon-killer teddy bear. Other notable scenes included OHC’s olfactory pick-up scene, which Caruana playing both the female and male lead, and “Jokeville People Are People So Why Should It Be That You And I Get Along So Awfully Inc”s Moonshine scene with a hallucinogenic Rob Ford Yoga Studio. The final “Sounds Like a Song” let Caruana use her incredible pipes to charm the audience into a win, after the most-loved line of the night from Griffin “Jamaica: Come for the Rum, Stay for the Irony”.

NEXT SHOW AT the Q: Friday, June 13th!