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Results from October 19th Theatresports™

RESULTS from last night’s Theatresports event in Oakville: Lost Boyz squared off against Flying Spaghetti Bros but were unable to topple FSB from the top position, despite audience member “Abby”‘s knock-down additions to their wedding slide show. FSB’s “Graveyard/Restaurant” scene provided all the “should’a’s” that were needed to bring down LB, 14-10. Team cuts needed? Defections? Stay tuned. Meanwhile: Gary Pearson’s Fan Club added another member, Terri Skov, after a particularly brazen “Look, Look Away” scene. GFPC membership current totals: 1. But GFPC took at hit when Random Axe of Kindness pulled out Shakespeare with “I am Franco” and won the match, 27-23.

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