FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Georgetown topples Flying Spaghetti Bros. after major scene was stopped dead by a zero card. Captain M.A. Farah claims the swearing infraction was a bad call by the judge. Unfortunately, the ruling stands and the Georgetown Little Improv Club power-played their way to win the match 7-5. GLIC members celebrated their victory with a smoke break. Last year’s defeat resulted a severe team shake up, with two new members added to the roster: Gary McIravey and Skytree Smith.

Second half teams pulled out all the stops, but Pearson’s new team, The Jan Caruana Show, couldn’t close the three point gap of Roctagon’s Rob Norman and Carmine Lucarelli at 29-26. At one point, Lucarelli checked Pearson’s infamous scene interference technique by shouting him out of the scene – a difficult maneuver as he was playing a little girl named Jacqueline at the time. Musically, both teams pulled off astounding inter-team choreography in the finale, led by Caruana’s brilliant, pitch-perfect, rhyme handling. Fans were not disappointed.



Thanks to Musical Director, Waylen Miki, Host Carson Gale and Colour Commentator, Colin Murphy. A BIG thanks to Encore for supporting the show with double passes and again, we thank Central Baptist for their unending support and unconditional donation to their community, by donating the space to us for this family show. Most of all, thanks to our biggest Theatresports™ audience yet. We couldn’t do it without you.

Next show: December 28th!