A rocky start to the first half, benches ZDQ. Captain Jeremy Butler blames confusion between Austrian and German accents, but team member Tinsley sites a complete lack of plot and offers that went wide. Ghost Rats did not push them ahead, but their silent scene killed (literally), even though Lost Boyz appealed for penalties for Captain Butler’s obvious sound infraction.
Lost Boyz wavered at times in a No Laugh tag out, but an audience member’s SFX heightened the cute factor which pulled them ahead. They finished with an options scene that shook up Holiday decorating and ended up taking the match 15-14
In the second half, Brush with Death changed up the usual janitorial scene with Healey’s classic cheerful low status and later they later “destroyed” with Gangl’s perfectly executed dance battle and Ken Hall’s gangster with aspirations. Any Pun will Do came back with a stunning supernatural leaf scene, grounded in Merchant’s delightful Eloise and Schaefer’s trademark enchanted physicality. They nailed a burger challenge to the wall, in a two-way dubbing scene and blew the audience away with Schaefer’s fearful ears against Merchant’s loyal limp. In the end, it wasn’t enough to take the match and Brush with Death took it, 43-42.