Here are the Theatresports™ results, folks: Zero Dark Qwerty edged out Stone Cold Buffalo 3-1 with a slapshot Shakespearean “Leaf” scene and fewer penalties in the “Questions Only” final period. The lighting moves of wiry SCB players were not able to bring down the “heavy weight” team ZDQ in the end. Farah pulled a cheek muscle during an emotionally charged bleachers scene but Stone Cold Buffalo’s Ruth Smith stated “we came out there to win and we put in 110 percent”. Smith was then corrected by Team Captain Brodie-Keys, who is well-known for benching players for flagrant math errors.

The second half was an even tie between Pearson and Son and Moist Theatre, even though Moist Theatre perfectly pitched a musical scene about a Southern Italian Soccer team that knocked it out of the park. The Response Challenge saw the debut song performance of 11-year-old Eric Pearson on a blues riff with extremely deft rhyme handling (for the son of Gary Pearson!), with excellent assists by MD Jordan Armstrong. As well, the Pearsons pulled a good lead off the top with a “pillars” scene which proved to the audience that the Pearson apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – an improv dynasty in the making.

Join us for the next round on the 15th of February at 340 Rebecca Street (Central Baptist Auditorium at Morden Road).