February 15th: Lost Boyz squeezed out hopefuls, Zero Dark Qwerty in the final round, 13-12. The match was neck and neck until Cliff Murphy’s manual applause-0-meter pushed Lost Boyz and their “Broken Hipster” costumes over the edge. Rumour has it the Lost Boyz franchise is changing names, based on their new uniforms and passive agressive technique. The new name was bandied around but failed to make an impression on the audience. Word. Zero Dark Qwerty Captain, Kevin Tinsley sites an actual performer nose bleed in the sewer, and the apothecary’s back injury in the Shakespeare scene for the team’s performance compared to last month’s win.

Herbie Barnes and Marjie Chud as Twitfaced won by one point over Disasteroid with Ralph MacLeod and James Cole 14-13. Though MacLeod may have pulled out as many hats out of his bag as Barnes, the SFX scene with Barnes’ physicality tore up the playing field, and ultimately, the team line-ups were completely blurred. Host Cliff Murphy struggled with pronouncing the final scores, and despite vague and tired appeals from Captain MacLeod, Twitfaced took the match.

Minor League players showed some muscle during the demonstration match at the top of the game, and kudos go to team supporters Elijah and Simon.