TWO MAJOR UPSETS as Kill the Messenger falls from it’s first place seat, finally. Coarse Whisperers pulled out all the stops with a gorilla hand switch scene that proves that even scenes about monsters in toilets can be romantic. Kill the Messenger came in strong with rookie hire Nastasja Polanka, throwing out two major mash-up scenes, but could not go the distance when team member Sadavoy ended up begging for clues in an interrogation scene. Coarse Whisperers are now the team to beat in the top spot. In the second half, Systematic Roundhouse Kick came in with guns blazing as they tried to unseat Midwife Crisis. Strong relationships seem to be the key. Midwife Crisis came back with horse sense and Harris Cuts but Captain Rintoul cites the stress of the heat, computer issues and having to be sound improviser until the second half as major stumbling blocks for his team. Despite that, Rintoul himself and team member Homel-Hynd both lent forward motion to SRK with offers in two scenes, which may have just been the push SRK needed to topple MC from their seventh position. SRK took the match 2-1.

NEXT WEEK: Chick Pees defends against the undefeated Those Meddling Kids, and World Crime League plays the rising star that is Mickey Gale. June 9th at Central (340 Rebecca Street at Morden) 8pm. PWYC