Team Canada, Eh came out swinging against Sochi Medal Love in the hottest first round in Oakville, yet. The Fail Trombone failed to sound during the entire game, and both teams raised the bar for subsequent matches. As well, Rookie Pillman pulled out all emotional stops for national pride and opposing Rookie player Baker, with her relaxed, observational style, mopped up the stage during a volcanic first date with Terri Skov. TCE’s Coach Merchant says Pillman reacted perfectly during the Paper Chase/Postman scene and felt equally confident in the scores for physicality that Captain Beaune achieved in the immensely satisfying silent scene, while being sewn to the corpse by fellow coroner. Coach Pearson threw numerous offers toward Captain Skov that went wide, and in the end it was Sochi’s cruciferious broccoli and an over the top Look Look Away that pulled back Sochi into second place and Team Canada, Eh, took the match.

The second half went in to over-time, but both team Valentine Sweeties (with Pearson and Merchant) and GEOFF (Lisa Amerongen and Shauna Wootten) consistently charmed the crowd with stories about love and loss. Geoff’s scene-scaping improv intrigued the audience, and their word-at-a-time low-status pick up scene had the crowd eating out of their sweat-soiled hands. In the end it was Liquor-filled Chocolates, despite the missed endings and the text-book film noir scene “Missing Cabbage” that pulled Valentine Sweeties ahead, and they took the match.