Anarchy hits the stage when two Lost Boyz cross the boards to pledge allegiance to AD HOC. Captain Shann McGrail and Terri Skov were left reeling on the bench but later pulled audience member, and Lost Boyz fan, Jeremy Butler up for extra man power. Both teams fumbled their first scenes but rallied quickly: AD HOC’s “Look, Look Away” steamed up the stage with video game “nerd love”, while the Lost Boyz Butler/Skov soundscape scene moved the earth beneath our feet, failing to get out the proposal. Lost Boyz took the match 19-13. In the second half round, Thunder Box with Lisa Merchant and Gary Pearson played hard ball with an bold jail-bait wedding but Siddiqi and Forbes (Elephant Men) had a solid 10 from the Audience Score Response Evaluation, when their genre roller coster forced the alien exploding from Forbes’ belly to make out with the Siddiqi’s romance-wielding Goodfella. Elephant Men took the match 32-31. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT MATCH AT THE Q on NOVEMBER 15TH!!!