Theatresporsts™ RESULTS: Everett Cowling’s Marketing Group and Spa is a force to be reckoned with after they capture their second win in a row. Captain Farah says the return of team mate Robin Sadavoy pushed Spa ahead with her ghost pumpkin head manoeuvre,  which pulled a dubious Chinese slasher flick out of the rubble. Newcomer’s Ad hoc Players rebounded after the classic First Line fumble,  and squeezed ahead with the solid physicality of a classic laboratory scene, and both Beaune’s came through with potion transitions that kept the crowd on side. Each team made headway with restrictive  “touch to talk” and “look look away” but some forced technique and timing errors in both scenes held the scores back. Spa took the match by a point.

Second Half: Moist Theatre blew in like a Sou’wester versus the solid character-driven narrative of Terri’s Ex-Lovers. Kris Bowman’s double sow cow blew the crowd away, instead of icing the scene. It was called out by the ruthlessly professional heckling of team Captain Pearson. Moist’s musical number lived up to the challenge of Elisa’s fantasy proof-reading job, with some excellent stick handling in the spelling of Mississauga. Hayley Kellet showed a range of characters from ingenue to helicopter-breaking hick, bumping up against team mate and distant cousin, the Bond-like rubber band, Bowman.  Despite the dropped “F”-bomb, which should have resulted in a zero, refs missed the timing on the lights because of three-way dubbing confusion, and Moist took the game. Terri’s Ex-Lovers are appealing the official score.