Results for Theatresports™ Christmas show: The Canadian homage team Festive Special blew in with a bag of objects up their sleeve but ended up being tossed off the stage for plot-stalling; Rose & Thorns came back by seriously dying in a Sit, Stand, Lie scene which pulled them ahead. FS played their options hard with rookie Illes emoting 110% taking the round against a nearly offensive Marriage Counsellor by RTT, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Festive Special’s Captain Butler blames a furious cold for a grievous mistake off the top of their Look, Look Away – missing Avery Levin-Gold’s musical offer by a mile, but they still won the round against Rose and Thorns Slow Motion Scene which took off like screaming banshee of improv lightning, against Rookie Moro’s stock in trade slo-mo speech pattern. Festive Special took the match 10-15

In the second match, The Gee Spots played against the F-Bombs in a dicey PG dry-erase labelled show. Between Foreign Film Dubbing and Teleprompter scenes using audience lips, both teams massacred pages of unscripted dialogue. Gee Spots time twisted tri-pan food poisoning scene moved them ahead, but in very rancid meat kind of way, and the Ghost of Christmas Pudding got mired as the plot thickened. It all ended in a classic Christmas Die Hard, with Jack Mosshammer easily filling the Willis shod-less character with less blood and more Christmas. The match was completed with an incredible tie game of 27-27.