In two stunning upsets, Systematic Roundhouse Kick moves to 6th place and Midwife Crisis also moves up to eight position. In the first match, Midwife Crisis with guest Gary Reid pulled together their collectively mature references and squeezed past Mickey Gale, “weathering” the loss of Captain Meiklejohn for the night, but ahead with Shann McGrail pinch hitting. Midwife came in early with a anaphylactic scene which seem to  be the theme of the night but Mickey Gale pulled some alien one-liners that seemed to catch Midwife off-balance. MC came back with a strong personalized song for “Kendra” which used all Captain Rintoul’s Time Lord references, Hunter’s word play and Reid’s excellent guitar skills. Stumbling a bit on the word “Dalek”, Reid came through with a strong cadence to finish with Rintoul’s “re-gen-er-ate”. Mickey Gale’s risky Grassy Knoll scene which flipped genders and missed several assassination attempts, still could not pull ahead and Midwife Crisis took the match 20-18.

In the second round, Systematic Roundhouse Kick moved ahead to sixth position via The Bokers forfeit. Chad and Hilary stand by their bizarre decision to put family first, but ultimately have dropped a wild three places over the summer. Rock stars “TONTO’S NEPHEWS” joined the tournament for an exhibition round that saw guessing reach new heights of duh, with incredible skill. SRK came back with a by-the-book “Endorsed by”. Tonto’s Nephews continued to impress with their historical knowledge which was nothing, if not confident, knocking the Laura Secord story out of the park. In a combined final scene, SRK received “ten” points, to bring the score to a tie at 23-23.

NEXT THEATRESPORTS™ (BUBBLE): August 25th 8pm. 340 Rebecca Street (Central Baptist)