Dateline Oakville: Triple Header as Oakville Improv Theatre Company debuts the new Juniors League with Eric Pearson, Colin Crowley, Matthew Molinaro, Manual Dirube, Matias Dirube Carcasson, Max Dreeson and Simon Caverly. In their first exhibition match, the Wild Ducks narrowly defeated Lick This Board by one point in a Hat Game tie-breaker. Despite LTB’s paper chase, Caverly’s off-the-chain risk-taking threw the game back to the Ducks 8-7
The second match had Tiger Beat (Sue Illes, Bob Sybydlo and Jeremy Butler) challenge Two Woman and a Half Man (Maya Mohan, Shann McGrail and Chad Baker*). TB was “frozen” out by a an emotionally charged Oscar Moment, but came back with a Foreign Opera dubbing scene that had Butler literally crawling on the floor but TWHM Sounds Like a Song squeezed them by a point. It was Tiger Beat’s First Line Last Line (“My hair is on fire”) that took them to victory 19-15.
In the third match, Bosley! (Jerry Schaefer, Sam Agro, Erin Rogers, Jane Luk and Amy Zuch) challenge Oakville’s Moist Theatre (Cliff Murphy, Carson Gale and Colin Murphy). In a stunning revelation of life after “ever after”, Moist scored big with a relationship scene, that was almost a two-hander until the crab cut in. Bosley threw back with multi-genre story, Zuch almost putting an eye out with her winged character. A sound options scene put Bosley in a good position, and they should have clinched the win with a solid and hysterical, though thoroughly “off-book” Shakespearean scene, including witches, iambic pentameter, marriage, Santa and farts but in the end, Jesus saved Moist and gave them the victory with their Product Placement scene which may well change Good Friday’s outcome. Moist Theatre took the match 39-33
*First Theatresports Match on stage!