Dateline October 24th, 2022: Game 9 – Once again “I’ve Had Better” pushes through to the next round as the “Flashers of Genius” pack up their tournament dreams – but on a bright note, they found their secret improv power in a Sounds Like A Song. Who knew of the dulcet tones of Ari Shapero’s voice (both baritone and falsetto backings) or the spectacular bel canto and scansion from Amanda Massey. Will we be able to wait for more? In Game 10 – “Slam Thunder” retains “sub” Catherine Henry as a regular with Gachet “still down” with that nagging over the shoulder infant issue – she’s not going to be back to the game soon. Skov’s long shot double dubbing showed well. Likewise, the youthful “Ghost of Halloween” boldly accepted “rom com” and “silent film” for genres, and wowed the audience with their grasp of a century old format. But, in the end it was Henry who proved her worth in the multiple character switch game for Slam Thunder and they took the match. Our ‘in-house’ Theatresports™ Tournament continues on November 7th at 8:30pm in Music Room #1 with returning winning bracket teams: The Real Knee Slappers versus Bottom of the Barrel and Pickled Handmaids versus But, And. BE THERE!