Dateline November 7th, QEPCCC: The tourney heat is on! By coincidence the two teen teams in the winners bracket ended up in match one on Monday with both teams tragically down a player. Even so, their duo energy was high. The Real Knee Slappers actually slapped, and The Bottom of the Barrel virtually made actual barrels. Fearless dubbing scenes, stunning technical prowess, dead animals and audience likability for both but in the end it was the “Barrel” that rolled out the win.
In the second half the musically gifted “Pickled Handmaids” surprisingly lost the rap battle to the “Dad” of “But, And”. But aside from the purple dinosaur in the room, it was the nuanced triple threat of the lusty tri-pan scene that secured the win for the Handmaids.
Both “losing” teams head to the show down at the Black Box Theatre to stay in the OITC Tea Cup race. Be there – this Friday, November 11th at 8pm, at The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.