BOTTOM OF THE BARREL IS NOW TOP OF THE HEAP! Yes, in fact, with their win on Monday night, Bottom of the Barrel secured their top spot in our in-house Theatresports™ Tournament finale with cool songs about the Godzilla museum and Rodan. Fearless physicality, self referential humour and the kind of Godzilla singing needed for impact, helped them roadblock the top seeded team in the league, The Pickled Handmaids. 

Pickled Handmaids, who “preserved” their own spot, will now have to play and win TWO matches on December 9th in order to secure the Tea Cup but will the (comparatively) wizened wiseacres have the stamina to perform two entire sets? When they tread the boards will they be dragging their feet? Musical scenes are their strength – odds makers are watching to see if their strategy will be pulling out all the stops without pulling a hamstring.

Slam Thunder was down a third. Wilkening subbed in Slam for Henry, who suffered a bivalent rotator cuff injury earlier in the day. They tried to flood the zone with a submarine scene that had good depth and was charged, but their date between Carol Channing and Shaq went over the heads of the younger judges.

The “Swiss Family Butler”, But, And came through with their signature “director’s cut” and matchless bon mots by the entire team. Wilkening really had to guess her way through, but it was no match for the charm offensive of the wiry younglings and so But, And took the match.

Join Oakville Improv, the judges, the hosts and all our relations at the Black Box Theatre (Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre) 2302 Bridge Road, at 8pm on December 9th for holiday madness, drama, intrigue, comedy and the race for the OITC Tea Cup … 2022!