Our latest Theatresports™ Tournament is happening Monday, March 9th, 8pm now in night three of the first round.  Come watch the Group C teams duke it out for comedy supremacy. Teams that win will advance to the Semi-Finals on March 30th.  The Albino Zebras (Mathew Hamlton, Abbey Kelly, Patrick Mihalcea and Annabelle Wylie) vs That New Car Smell (Jennifer Silvestro, Andrew Zanella and Catherine Henry). And in the second half: Chick Pees with Terri Skov, Amy McKenzie and David Raitt vs Natural Supremacy with Bob Kapur and Peter Cianfarani. Host: Brennan Asbridge. Head Judge: Sam Hancock. Judges: Jeremy Butler, Asher Hunter. Sound: Craig Rintoul and Lights: Lynnae Dudley. All PWYC. 340 Rebecca Street (Central Baptist Church) Rear Doors.