UPDATE AUGUST 23rd, 2021. We are working together with the Town of Oakville and QEP (Community and Cultural Centre) to bring back some "in person" classes to adults and children at the end of September, beginning of October. We will have our first "Drop In" in person on October 18th, in our regular "Music Room 1". Stay tuned for details and ... changes. EVERYTHING IS FLUID - including sneezes, so be careful out there! Mask up and vax up for the love of your fellow humans.


Don’t forget the new space: QE Park’s Black Box Theatre at 2302 Bridge Road in Oakville. First up is Zero Dark Qwerty in the role as champions against the embattled Everett Cowling’s Marketing and Spa, who hope to capture their first win at Theatresports. Plagued with ego injuries from the June 14th show, Spa is working on positive visualization and mental imagery, and Captain Farah has another trick up her sleeve. “You’ve actually got to practice” she confides. “It’s all very well “imagining” that you’ll be funny or that your object work will be understood by your team mates but in the end, if you’re not DOING improv, you’re just a couch potato, am I right? I’m not wrong”. Zero Dark Qwerty could not be reached for comment at the All Steak All the Time, All You Can Eat Buffet, where they continue to train for their next round in hopes of retaining their champion status. (High). Our All-Star guests will be AJ Vaage and Hayley Kellett from Toronto, as well as our own Gary Pearson, back from the Just for Laughs Gala. These, vs: LORD BEAVERBROOK with Marcel St Pierre, Ralph MacLeod and Carolyn Williamson.

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