Join us for our regular Moonshine Jam at the Moonshine Cafe (137 Kerr Street). GOTTA B G.O.T. We’re taking a stab at the epic tale, the most over produced, super FX show on television because what could be better on the elfin Moonshine Cafe stage than a GAME OF THRONES parody. Starring: Gary Pearson, Shann McGrail, Kevin Tinsley, Diana Barbosa, Pam Cooper, Sam Hancock, Amy McKenzie and Iryna McCoubrey. Also, to top the show, favourite Oakville Improvisers Jeremy Butler, Jennifer Silvestro, Terri Skov, Ashley Armstrong, Monica Dunne and Bradley Ellis. 8:30pm Special Guests: Tess Degenstein, AJ Vaage and Carson Gale. All scored by Adam Benjamin.

A more mature show with adult content and alcoholic beverages served. $5 cover charge.