UPDATE Sept 22nd, 2021. As of this day, The Town of Oakville will require that all partipants coming to QEPCCC will have to have proof of vaccination. See oakville.ca This will apply to all Oakville Improv Theatre Company classes occuring at the Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre. EVERYTHING IS FLUID - including sneezes, so be careful out there! Mask up and vax up for the love of your fellow humans.

Moonshine Comedy Jam April 28th

Join us for the Comedy Jam on April 28th at the Moonshine Cafe (137 Kerr Street, just below Rebecca). Some old and new Oakville Improvisers will be playing musical games with our musician in chief, Jeff Rosenthal at 7:30pm and then our team WIN (Terri Skov, Carolyn Endacott, Lynnae Dudley, Shann McGrail and Kim Beaune) will be lighting up the boards. Afterwards our special guests and our own Gary Pearson will play in the second set. $10 for two shows. Alcohol and Adult Content will be served.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Anand Rajaram, Lisa Merchant and Cameron Algie!

Anand’s performances range from the comedy of Second City to dramatic film and theatre. He’s as comfortable in a Shakespearean role as he is using puppets and mask. He has won numerous awards, including a DORA as the title character in the potent but whimsical Mustard at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. Anand’s unique voices are characters for kids’ shows like Terrific Trucks and he can always be seen on a variety of Canadian television shows. He often appears on Because News on CBC radio.
“WIN” (Women’s Improv Network) join us at the Jam in April. l-r Terri Skov, Shann McGrail, Kim Beaune (?), Lynnae Dudley and Carolyn Endacott
Cameron Algie joins us, as well as audience favourite, Lisa Merchant.

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