We're starting to stream on YouTube (Oakville Improv Theatre Company). Join us for live shows and recordings you miss. We're just starting to upload shows from the past year ... HEY! Stay safe!

Moonshine Comedy Jam

May 29, 2016 7:30-9:30pm

At 7:30pm our Oakville Improvisers perform including: Natasha Bromfield, Peter Cianfarani, Pam Cooper, Sam Hancock, Catherine Henry, Bob Kapur, Paul Muhleisen, Christine Pillman, Jennifer Silvestro, Terri Skov, Kevin Tinsley and Lea Wilkening.

and then at 8:30pm

Chad Mallett is a high energy, long form improv adventure performed by Matt Folliott and Ted Hallett. With a suggestion of a geographical location, Chad Mallett transports you there to witness the adventures of two buddies on vacation and the parade of odd ball characters and situations they find themselves in. Always a crowd favourite, Chad Mallett is a high energy joyride, a kid with rockets attached to his roller skates, or like three Red Bulls for breakfast. It’s go time! Love the Chad.

137 Kerr Street, The Moonshine Cafe. $5.00. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK?

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