May 29, 2016 7:30-9:30pm

At 7:30pm our Oakville Improvisers perform including: Natasha Bromfield, Peter Cianfarani, Pam Cooper, Sam Hancock, Catherine Henry, Bob Kapur, Paul Muhleisen, Christine Pillman, Jennifer Silvestro, Terri Skov, Kevin Tinsley and Lea Wilkening.

and then at 8:30pm

Chad Mallett is a high energy, long form improv adventure performed by Matt Folliott and Ted Hallett. With a suggestion of a geographical location, Chad Mallett transports you there to witness the adventures of two buddies on vacation and the parade of odd ball characters and situations they find themselves in. Always a crowd favourite, Chad Mallett is a high energy joyride, a kid with rockets attached to his roller skates, or like three Red Bulls for breakfast. It’s go time! Love the Chad.

137 Kerr Street, The Moonshine Cafe. $5.00. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK?