You're invited to our Twelfth Anniversary Workshops and Shows (Online) - March 12-13th, 2021

Thanks to all our fans, supporters, and company members for a great 12 years, and here's to many more!

Monday September 24th MAESTRO!

Hey Improsarios,

Join us again for Maestro on Monday September 24th at QEPCCC’s Music Room #1 (back right corner of the building – or off the Yolanda exit), 2302 Bridge Road. If you come at 7pm you can pay $5/person for a cool intro workshop to the art of improvisation and then stay for free for the Maestro. Created by Keith Johnstone, this format allows the cast to play scenes until they get voted off the island (so to speak). It’s an elimination game, an acting game, a battle of wits and character choices. Only one can be the MAESTRO! 8pm after the workshop. Starring: Lori Lang, Carolyn Endacott, Monica Dunne, Nash Stamenkovic, Sam Hancock, Paul Muhleisen and more! Directed by Gary Pearson.

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