April 28th’s Theatresports™ Tournament: The Bubble, two major upsets left players reeling and owners with imminent trade decisions. In the first half, Chick Pees came out of the gate with a high energy tag-team story about a purple pineapple that was quickly squashed by missed offers and a incomplete narrative. Their follow-up scene of puppets/alphabet fumbled when McKenzie failed to remember the alphabet. Coarse Whisperers, on the other hand, had solid emotional stakes in Oscar Moments and incredible forward guitar-smashing momentum in the “Speak, No Speak”. In the end, Coarse Whisperers took the match and will be playing on May 9th at QEP’s Black Box as the second place team in the Oakville League. They will square off against current champs Kill the Messenger.

In the second half, controversy erupts as Midwife Crisis claims unfair scoring, after dropping the “F” bomb. Clearly led astray by Klan Rally’s bad language which pushed the envelope, Midwife Crisis literally screamed out their penalty in a emotional zones game, while Reid distracted the audience with his prisoner, paralyzed by self-imposed chaining. Even the 8 yr old fans in the front row failed to alert the Crisis to the game’s G-rating. Host McGrail came down hard, after a missed blooper black-out and penalized the team 2 points for swearing, based on the error’s magnitude. Klan’s Captain Cianfarani was unavailable for comment, when it was suggested that Klan had rigged the judging, owing to the fact that their team had also used colourful language. However, even with adjustments, Klan Rally still took the game by a half a point. So, with another upset, Klan Rally moves ahead in the rankings and Midwife Crisis takes a hit. Captain Rintoul, still outraged by the decision, declares they will meet again and that the grudge match will be a bloody one.

The Bubble continues on May 5th at Central Baptist Church, 340 Rebecca Street, Oakville (rear doors). PWYC. Host: Jeremy Butler. Teams: The Bokers defend against Those Meddling Kids and Mickey Gale challenges Monster Cuddle for their position.