UPDATE AUGUST 23rd, 2021. We are working together with the Town of Oakville and QEP (Community and Cultural Centre) to bring back some "in person" classes to adults and children at the end of September, beginning of October. We will have our first "Drop In" in person on October 18th, in our regular "Music Room 1". Stay tuned for details and ... changes. EVERYTHING IS FLUID - including sneezes, so be careful out there! Mask up and vax up for the love of your fellow humans.

March Moonshine Comedy Jam!

COVER CHARGE: $10 We now have a new “Square” reader for debit and credit cards if you don’t have cash. Two shows for 10 bucks. WHAT A STEAL!
The highlight of our regular jam this night will be the “Page to Stage” Teen class read through of their sketches written during their winter workshop. Featuring: Isaiah Bryant, Angela Cvetkovik, Delia Jansen, Sofia Muhleisen and Thomas Sharp. Special Guest Bob Kerr: Writer for 22 Minutes, Comedy Inc. Doing a stand up set for us. Also starring: Diana Barbosa, Natasha Bromfield, Jeremy Butler, Bradley Ellis, Carolyn Endacott, Lori Lang, Luisa Muhleisen, Christine Pillman and the characters from Geri Halls Character Therapy Class with Ashley Armstrong, Natasha Bromfield, Pam Cooper, Monica Dunne, Bradley Ellis, Catherine Henry, Amy McKenzie, Paul Muhleisen, Christine Pillman *minus Iryna McCoubrey! Come and join us. Adults must accompany minors. The Moonshine Comedy Jam is a licensed establishment. Also, phone ahead for reservations. Seating is limited.. All this for $10 smackers as a cover charge, at The Moonshine Cafe, 137 Kerr Street. Call John Marlatt for reservations: 905-844-2655.

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