THE FINALE of the THEATRESPORTS TOURNAMENT and our 15th Anniversary! Come for the improv, stay for the cupcakes … Sweet Bakery is making us our traditional fare over the last few years for celebrating our anniversary. This year is special, since it’s a multiple of five …


Wet Hands won over But, And by a “nose”. They move forward into the final round — but two of their three players are out of the final match. WHAT WILL HAPPEN THERE? But, And still has a chance to keep their title but will their expertise in experts scenes be enough to push to the finish line?

Pocket Lint pulled in pinch hitter and honorary teen, Cliff Murphy, from Moist Theatre when their slugger Charlie “the knife” Muhleisen was dramatically unavailable. Cliff added his voice and sponsorship strategy but in the end his deep knowledge of the second Italian Civil War and love for Home Depot wasn’t enough to keep Pocket Lint in the running. They leave with a strong run, losing out to veterans Slam Thunder who won the match with a Hail Mary tie breaker.

Theatresports will conclude the Tea Cup Tournament this Friday at 8pm (March 8th), at the Black Box Theatre in QEPCCC, 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville. L6L 2G6.

Tickets at the door $10/person.