In each show, a group of improvisers compete for survival – and a cash prize! The home audience scores each scene, and the lowest scoring players are removed from the game. There can be only one… MAESTRO!

Like many of our “pandemic productions”, these shows were originally performed on Zoom (for players and voting audience members) and also streamed live on YouTube. We’ve put the shows online for your viewing pleasure. (You’ll notice the technical quality improves over time, as we figure out how to use the features of Zoom!) Of course, you can no longer vote for scenes… unless you are handy with a time machine. 

The Maestro format was created by Keith Johnstone (based in Calgary) who also created Theatresports, and is world famous for his books and teaching on improvised theatre. 

Maestro #65 (16 September 2021)

Hosts: Amy McKenzie and Velvet Wells
Bradley, Lynnae, Neal, Lisa, Catherine, Pali, Tiffany, Christine, Terri, Dave

Maestro #64 (19 August 2021)
Players: Lynnae Dudley, Syed Hasan, Rob Williams, Ashley Armstrong, Christine Pillman, Monica Dunne, Dave Ellis, Taelum Vergara, Noah Grittani

Maestro #63 (15 July 2021)

Players Lisa Gachet, David Ellis, Natalie Hoban, Velvet Wells, Noah Grittani, Ashley Armstrong, Christine Pillman, Taelum Vergara, Natasha Bromfield

Maestro #62 (24 June 2021)
Starring: Ashley Armstrong, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Dave Ellis, Noah Grittani, Natalie Hoban, Bob Kapur, Jane Luk, Taelum Vergara, Rob Williams. MC: Amy McKenzie. Score: Luisa Muhleisen


Maestro #61 (3 June 2021)
Hosts: Amy McKenzie, Naz Polonka
Players: Natalie Hoban, Lynnae Dudley, Ashley Armstrong, Dave Ellis, Rob Williams, Bradley Ellis, Syed Hasan, Taelum Vergara
Music Improviser:   Rob Williams

Maestro #59 (20 May 2021)
Hosts: Amy McKenzie and Brianne Gwartz.
Players: Lynnae Dudley, Syed Hasan, Ashley Armstrong, Noah Grittani, Taelum Vergara, Sue Carroll, Rob Williams, Luisa Muhleisen, Bradley Ellis
Musical Improviser: Rob Williams.

Maestro #58 (13 May 2021)
Host: Amy McKenzie, Scorekeeper: Brianne Gwartz
Players: Lisa Gachet, Lynnae Dudley, Sue Illes, David Ellis, Taelum Vergara, Rob Williams, Bradley Ellis, Robin Sadavoy, Christine Pillman

Maestro #56 (6 May 2021)
Hosts: Amy McKenzie and Brianne Gwartz
Players: Dave Ellis, Noah Grittani, Rob Williams, Christine Pillman, Ashley Armstrong, Taelum Vergara, Bradley Ellis, Terri Skov, Sam Hancock
Music Director: Rob Williams

Maestro #24 (August 2020)
One of the Maestro™ shows we taped in August, 2020 during the pandemic, with guests from Milwaukee (Whit Shiller) and Bangalore (Balasree Viswanathan), and Oakville performers.
Adam Benjamin was our musical improviser

Maestro is performed with express permission of the International Theatresports Institute.

Maestro™ is a format created by Keith Johnstone, and is licensed through the International Theatersports Institute. His improvisation formats are played around the world – from Tokyo to Lebanon.

Maestro ImproTM is created (©) by Keith Johnstone (Keith Johnstone Workshops) registered in the U.S.A., Canada and other countries. All Rights Reserved

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